2018 - 2019 Major Beneficiaries

MISSSEY:  Motivating, Inspiring,  Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth

MISSSEY is  a  community-based  nonprofit  organization  in  Oakland,  CA  offering supportive services  to  young  women  who  are  victims  and  survivors  of  commercial sexual exploitation  in  the  San  Francisco  Bay  Area.  MISSSEY  was  founded  in  2007  by two  survivors  of  sex  trafficking  and  two  allies  in  response  to  the  rising  epidemic  of the  commercial  sexual  exploitation  of  children  (CSEC)  in  the  East  Bay.  We  provide safe  space,  foster  healthy  relationships,  and  empower  girls  through  intensive  life coaching,  a  daily  drop-in  center,  advocacy,  and  prevention.  At  MISSSEY,  we  believe in  the  power  of  community  to  create  positive  change  with  survivors.  Your  donation today  ensures  we  can  continue  supporting  vulnerable  and  exploited  girls  on  their journeys  to  healing,  recovery,  and  liberation.  Collectively,  we  can  make  a  powerful impact  in  the  lives  of  survivors.

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Family Harvest Farm

A  program  of  John  Muir  Land  Trust,  Family  Harvest  Farm  is  a  3.5  acre  urban  farm located  in  Pittsburg,  California.  The  mission  of  Family  Harvest  Farm  is  to  empower youth  and  adults  through  agriculture  that  encourages  healthy  living,  connection  to  the environment,  and  builds  a  sustainable  community.  The  goals  are  to  employ  transition age  foster  youth  through  a  job  readiness  program,  increase  organic  food  access,  and host  educational  workshops  for  the  greater  community.

2018 - 2019 Minor Beneficiaries 

An Elderly Wish Foundation

The  mission  of  An  Elderly  Wish  Foundation  is  to  grant  wishes  to  seniors,  50  and older,  who  have  a  life-threatening  illness  and  live  in  Contra  Costa  County.  These wishes  are  small  in  nature,  but  large  in  the  hearts  of  the  wish  recipients  and  their families.  The  smiles,  the  tears,  the  laughter  and  love  of  family  and  friends  are  the rewards  received  from  granting  wishes.  The  wishes  granted  can  be  something  as simple  as  celebrating  a  special  birthday  with  loved  ones,  spending  a  night  or  two  in a  town  that  brings  back  old  memories,  attending  a  favorite  team’s  baseball  or football game,  or  enjoying  a  new  flat  screen  TV  so  that  you  can  watch  old    movies. Everyone  has  something  on  their  ͞bucket  list  and  in  many  cases  the  foundation  can help  make  this  a  reality.

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Community  Violence  Solutions  (CVS) / Children’s  Interview  Center

Community  Violence  Solutions  (CVS)  is  dedicated  to  working  in  partnership  with  the community  to  end  sexual  assault  and  family  violence  through  prevention,  crisis services,  and  treatment  and  serves  all  of  Contra  Costa  and  Marin  Counties.  The Children's  Interview  Center  is  a  program  of  Community  Violence  Solutions.  The Children’s  Interview  Center’s  mission  is  to  reduce  further  trauma  and  facilitate  healing for  child  victims  and  their  non-offending  family  members  while  supporting  effective investigations  aimed  at  both  protecting  children  and  prosecuting  crimes  against children  in  our  communities.

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Family  Support  Services

Founded  in  1989,  the  mission  of  Family  Support  Services  is  to  nurture  children, youth,  and  caregivers  to  keep  families  healthy  and  intact.  To  do  this,  we  provide culturally  appropriate,  trauma  informed  services  to  Bay  Area  families,  including  case management,  support  groups,  crisis  intervention,  mental  health  therapy,  youth programs,  respite  care,  parenting  classes,  and  information  and  referral.  Family  Support Services  specializes  in  serving  low-income  families  who  face  serious  challenges  in caring  for  their  children  including:  families  with  children  who  have  mental  and physical disabilities;  families  caring  for  children  who  are  substance  exposed  or  medically fragile;  and  families  in  which  grandparents  or  other  relatives  have  had  to  step  in  to care  for  children.  We  also  work  with  families  whose  children  are  at  risk  of  abuse  by helping  caregivers  improve  their  parenting  skills  and  raise  children  in  a  safe  and nurturing  environment.  Our  core  programs  are:  Kinship  Supportive  Services  Program, Family  Preservation  Programs,  and  Respite/Child  Care  Programs.

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Family  Violence  Law  Center

FVLC  helps  diverse  communities  in  Alameda  County  heal  from  domestic  violence  and sexual  assault,  advocating  for  justice  and  healthy  relationships.    FVLC  provides survivor-centered  legal  and  crisis  intervention  services,  offers  prevention  education  for youth  and  other  community  members,  and  engages  in  policy  work  to  create  systemic change.  FVLC  uses  a  holistic  service  model  to  address  domestic  violence  in  Alameda County,  including  protection  initiatives  for  people  currently  experiencing  abuse  and prevention  initiatives  to  eliminate  future  abuse.  FVLC  provides:  no  cost  legal  services; 24-hour  crisis  intervention  services  for  survivors,  including  advocacy  within  local police departments  and  emergency  housing  and  relocation  services;  violence  prevention education  and  leadership  training  for  youth;  and  community  outreach.

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If you are interested in being considered as a future beneficiary, please contact us at communityfunds@lafayettejuniors.org.